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N-95 Particulate Respirator With Magic Arch® and Positive Facial Lock®


Patented Positive Facial Lock - US Patent #3985132, 4688566


The Alpha Pro Tech N-95 Particulate Respirator, designed specifically for use ina healthcare setting, is NIOSH-approved as a TypeN-95 Respirator, meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control and is FDA approved as a surgical mask.



One-Size-Fits-AllTo help you reduce costs and inventory, theN-95 Respirator uses our exclusive MagicArch/Positive Facial Lock “one-size-fits-all”design. This unique design feature permits the respirator to be “custom fit” to virtually anyface, no matter what shape or size. This allows you to stock only one size for all your TB protocol needs. The traditional pleated style N-95 offers all this without the drawbacks of cone and duckbill-style respirators which restrict downward vision and collapse easily when stored.



• Integral Magic Arch®— Provides a largerbreathing chamber with no restriction of downward vision as duckbill or cone masks do.



• Positive Facial Lock® (PFL) — Allows total facialclosure for "custom fit" on any size face when donned correctly.



• No Natural Rubber Latex — Comfortable, knittricot mesh covered bands do not contain naturalrubber latex, eliminating latex allergy concerns.



• Traditional Pleated Design — Saves inventory space, cannot be crushed when stored, as duckbilland cone respirators can, and is easy to carry with you.



Indication for Use:



Alpha Pro Tech’s N-95 Respirator Mask meets the CDCguidelines for TB Exposure Control within healthcare facilities.These devices are intended to be worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures to protect both thepatient and healthcare personnel from the transfer of micro organisms, body fluids, and particulate material. It is intended to be a single use, disposable device.™N-95 ParticulateRespiratorWith Magic Arch® and Positive Facial Lock®

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