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IvySan Hand Sanitiser Gel 250ml


A powerful hand sanitiser (with 75% Alcohol) to help reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases and minimise cross contamination.


Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep hands moisturised and reduce over drying.


The combination of Ethanol Chlorophyll and Lemongrass create a powerful barrier against 99.99% of germs, pathogens and bacteria.


✔ Kills 99.99% of most illness causing germs ✔ No need for soap or water ✔ Made with 99% naturally derived ingredients ✔ Contains natural Lemongrass essential oil ✔ Non greasy 0; ✔ Dries in seconds ✔ Excellent moisturising properties ✔ Contains antibacterial chlorophyll


Contains NO Nasties! NO Triclosan, Paraben, Artificial Colours, Artificial Fragrances or Preservatives

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